An ‘at home’ children’s portrait session in Thirsk, North Yorkshire

When an old school friend (from what feels like a million years ago) got in touch and told me she was looking for some portraits of her 2 boys and ideally wanted them mainly in black and white, I jumped at the chance! Partly for the opportunity reconnect and reminisce, but also because I simply adore black and white portraits. They have such a timeless quality to them and as a photographer you have different considerations when shooting in back and white. You have to think more carefully to really get the wow factor when you don’t have colour available to shape an image and draw focus, so it’s all about looking for really interesting light.

This session was originally going to be a location session, but following a slight mishap with a broken toe, we ended up doing an at home session instead and I’m so glad we did!! The light in this beautiful period home was challenging, but in a really great way. The smaller, higher up windows you often get in old houses can make for quite directional light and directional light makes for amazing, interesting portraits. (Plus I had total home lust and picked up many decorating ideas – my friend is very talented at interior design!)

The 2 boys I had the pleasure of photographing not only looked very different to each other (one very much mummy and one a mini daddy!) but were also such different little characters and it was so much fun to capture being themselves in their own surroundings. First up we have 2 year old Seth – a cheeky little chap who’s big brown eyes and beautiful blonde locks get him out of all sorts of trouble he’s caused, I’m sure! He’s a big bundle of energy and noise and I have zero doubt that gorgeous smile is going to break many a heart when he’s older! He loved the camera and was not self conscious at all, so just continued about his day, flashing me a beautiful grin every so often.

Next we have Harry, the big brother in the family. Harry is 5 and is going to be the next David Attenborough. He is such an intelligent little boy and loves animals, nature and is really knowledgeable about them both – I definitely learnt some things as we looked through his animal books! He’s a little quieter and more pensive than his younger sibling,  but still so very handsome…oh did I mention he has the most beautiful blue eyes?

Often portraits will look distinctly better in either colour or black and white, but in the case below of Harry, I just can’t decide. He looks so very beautiful in both…see what I mean about his eyes?

The great thing about ‘at home’ sessions, is there is so much to keep the children engaged and occupied. They feel comfortable in their own homes with their own things and proudly show off their prized possessions. I was very lucky that I got a lovely tour of the house courtesy of the boys, stopping in their bedrooms to play a few games. There’s nothing quite like a game of pillow throwing to get some genuine smiles…

There’s something about little people in shorts and wellies which is just too adorable. Throw in a watering can and a cocker spaniel puppy and you have the makings of an image you’ll treasure long after they no longer think shorts and wellies are appropriate attire!

I so enjoyed this session. It was a lovely mix of capturing the boys going about their day, so their parents can remember what their little characters were really like and some beautiful timeless portraits that will look simply wonderful on the walls for years to come.

If you’d like to get some beautiful portraits of your children in their own surroundings get in touch to book your ‘at home’ portrait session. Prices start at £95.

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