An outdoor family photography session in Newbury, Berkshire

I know some parents desperately want to have some family photos taken, but they are worried. Worried that their children will misbehave, or get frustrated, or hide from the camera. They know their children can be quite difficult if the mood strikes them, but also that they are the sweetest, most loving little people the majority of the time. They just desperately want that sweetness to shine through in the final images.

I know this, because I have one of those children who is free spirited, fiercely independent and questions EVERYTHING. She’d get so frustrated during a studio, ‘white background’ photo session, where there is nothing to hold her interest and it would be difficult to coax out her true, wonderful character. It would probably end in me hot, flustered and feeling like a bad parent because I couldn’t control my ‘wild child’. The pictures would be highly unlikely to capture the essence of us as a family.

I think this is why I love photographing families in natural, outdoor settings so much. Where children can roam free and play, explore, climb trees, splash in puddles…all the fun stuff so they can forget the camera is even there. This is when you capture those genuine smiles and twinkling eyes.

This session at Snelsmore Common in Newbury was definitely one of those fun sessions where the family could relax, play and interact naturally. Whilst it’s always nice to get a few posed shots, most of the time we just played, let James be a (blackberry scoffing) explorer and enjoy being out in a lovely natural environment.

We very nearly cancelled the session as it has been raining on and off all day and the forecast wasn’t looking great and I’m so glad we didn’t!

I had a homemade cover for my lens (ok it was a sandwich bag and a hair bobble, but it does the trick!) plus a brolly and wellies at the ready. I knew I’d also be kneeling and even lying on the floor, so I was fully decked out in my waterproofs.. not exactly fashionable, but I’d hate to not get a shot because I was worried about getting wet or dirty!!

James’ mummy was little worried I wouldn’t get many smiling shots as he could be a bit nervous in front of a camera, but I think I managed to bring out the best in her gorgeous little boy. Even falling face first into a muddy puddle didn’t dampen the mood and James carried on regardless like a true professional!

We had a really fun, relaxed couple of hours and I do hope I get to photograph this lovely family again. It’ll be exciting to see just how brave James gets when climbing  those trees!

If you’ve been thinking about having some family photos taken, but worried about keeping the children on the happy train… give an outdoor session a go.. given the right environment they might just surprise you. Plus, you’ll have some beautiful photographs that you can look back on when the little ones are not so little anymore!

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