An Outdoor family photoshoot in the New forest, Hampshire

I knew this photoshoot was never going to be an easy one… 4 children, 2 parents and a 7pm start time at Didben Inclosure in the New Forest Hampshire. Eek! This was a particularly late start time for a family photoshoot, but we were aiming to capture the beautiful ‘golden hour’ just before sunset and even better, we’d be able to do it in a field of the most stunning heather that the New forest had to offer.

After picking through puddles and horse poo, whilst trying to keep the children semi clean, we eventually found a great place to set up camp, including an amazing vintage chest Claire, (the gorgeous mama of the family) had brought with her. I love it when clients bring interesting items to use in photoshoots and tonight was no exception. We had beautiful furs, rugs and pillows all ready for when the sun began to lower and we’d get that gorgeous soft light….

Except we didn’t.

After approximately 47 seconds of gorgeous light (when luckily I managed to snap a few photos of the light shining through Teddy’s incredible curls) the sun disappeared into a blanket of clouds and we realised the golden hour was not to be. So instead we let the children roam freely and I aimed to capture their individual characters as I chased them around with 2 cameras!

I loved meeting Archie, Arthur, Teddy and baby Luna and could see straight away how different they all were in character. Archie, the oldest was happy to always be in front of my lens, but I could see a tinge of self consciousness starting to occasionally sneak through and Arthur, second in line, but more lively and uninhibited. And Teddy, gorgeous Teddy with a head full of crazy curls. She idolises her brothers and simply adores her daddy… and they all absolutely adore her too. It will be a brave boy her takes her out for a date when she’s older!

I do love a photo of a daddy and his daughter. There’s something about how small and delicate a little girl looks in the arms of her daddy and you know she thinks it’s the safest place in the whole wide world. Teddy could not smile wide enough when she was with her daddy and once she started to get tired she snuggled up so close to him for warmth and comfort.  All the while, the very beautiful mummy, Claire was keeping 4 month old baby Luna snug in her jumper.

All the children did incredibly well to say it was such a late session… and the snacks brought were very well received! It’s definitely recommended to bring food for your children during slightly later sessions to keep their energy levels up and stop any low blood sugar grumps.

Although the weather didn’t quite hold up for us, we still managed to get some great family images which really capture the personalities of the children and I do hope I get another opportunity photograph this incredibly gorgeous family as the children grow. It will be amazing to see how Luna fits into the family dynamic.

This family really were awesome and I can see how a larger family brings with it chaos..but also love.. so much love.

The New Forest heather should be in bloom for another month or so, so if this outdoor family photoshoot has captured your interest and you’d like some photos with an amazing backdrop, get in touch now and let’s get you booked in!

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